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The JCB Fastrac 2155 is comfortable, safe, versatile and supremely productive. It boasts several unique features typical of JCB’s trailblazing approach to tractors. Like the optional innovative Quadtronic 4-wheel steering system for tight headland turns and reduced crop damage, as well as the four equal-sized wheels for excellent traction and handling.

Full suspension and a mid-mounted cab (for near-50/50 weight distribution) provide great comfort, traction and, in turn, productivity.

Power is provided by a Stage 3a / Tier 3 engine mated to a smooth Selectronic transmission with 54 forward and 18 reverse gears. This 6.7 litre Cummins commonrail powerhouse produces 165hp (123 kW) of power and 641 Nm of torque. Road speed is 60kph in complete comfort and safety thanks to the full chassis system and all-round outboard disc brakes with ABS.

3 mounting points (front linkage, rear linkage and deck) allow demount sprayers to be used. Trailed sprayers can also be catered for, with extra tanks on the front and deck, maximising in-field time and minimising refilling.


Everything about the JCB Fastrac 2155 is designed for maximum productivity. There’s high speed rated tyres (the 2155 can legally travel at 60kph), front/rear linkages with PTO (rear PTO can be 540 or 1000 rpm), and our unique front and rear axle suspension with hydropneumatic rear self-levelling.

The suspension on JCB Fastracs is unique, made to increase both machine and operator efficiency.

Hydraulics on JCB Fastrac 2155 tractors are geared for productivity too: there’s a 99 l/min flow rate, 4 hydraulic services available to the rear and a cutting edge ride height corrector system.


We’ve always believed in making the operator central to our design process and it’s no different on our JCB Fastrac tractors. The cab has air conditioning as standard, an air suspended drivers seat and a full size passenger seat.

Large opening doors provide excellent access to the space, which also contains an LCD digital dash panel, a left hand Autoshuttle lever and an adjustable steering column.


As an option on JCB Fastrac 2155 tractors, we offer JCB Quadtronic, an innovative system to make our 2000 Series the world’s only four-wheel steer, fully suspended tractors.

With Quadtronic, these tractors become even more manoeuvrable, offering the following steering modes as well as conventional 2-wheel steer.

  • Proportional

Rear axle turns 1° for every 2° the front axle turns up to 20° for the rear, 40° for the front.

  • True tracking

Front and rear axles follow the same line for minimal ground marking and crop damage.

  • Delay

Four-wheel steer for tight turns and two-wheel steer whilst inter-row.

  •  Crab steer

Useful on inclines and when alongside hedges where it’s necessary to move away without first swinging further into the hedge.


To enhance productivity still further, we design all JCB Fastracs to be durable and easily serviceable. With that in mind, we build then on a strong, stable fully welded Z-section chassis that can handle stress without being excessively heavy.

Then there’s an easily serviceable cooling pack, a single piece bonnet for easy maintenance access and a high-quality powder-coated paint finish.

There are separate hydraulic pumps for steering, suspension, PTOs and difflocks, and hydraulic oil is kept separate from transmission oil.


Central to the JCB Fastrac is the drivetrain. On the 2155, that’s a 165hp (123 kW) Cummins 6.7 litre unit mated to JCB Smoothshift transmission. Smoothshift uses a multi-plate oil-immersed low driver effort wet clutch and there’s switchable manual or automatic.

The 2155 also has Selectronic and Autoshift features. Selectronic is unique to JCB and allows you to pre-select a speed range on the steering wheel lever before engaging via the clutch pedal; Autoshift allows you to automatically select between snail, tortoise and hare whilst on the move. Autoshift also features five modes to tailor your JCB Fastrac to particular job types: trailer, ploughing, 540 PTO, 1000 PTO and user mode.

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